AVIS Car Rental Discounts

Voices sponsors the Avis car rental program for two reasons. The first is the outstanding customer support offered by this quality conscious company. Second, the agreement with Avis offers members the best promotional rate available at the renting location, plus an additional 5% discount. This makes the Voices program very competitive.

Contact AVIS directly at (800) 698-5685 or visit the AVIS web page. Be sure to use the Voices ID# A354100 when making your reservations

To order coupons which can be used for additional discounts call the Voices Member Service Center at (800) 234-6622.

Budget Car and Truck Rental Discounts

Budget offers Voices members a 5% to 25% discount on cars at over 1,050 locations nationwide. Budget's diverse fleet is made up of primarily Ford and Lincoln Mercury products. Specialty cars include the Ford Ranger, Mustang convertible and 7 to 15 passenger vans. Budget also has the second largest truck rental fleet in the U.S. with over 36,000 trucks at 3,500 locations. Truck options go from cargo vans up to 24 foot trucks. The Voices discount on trucks is up to 10% off normal rates.

For car reservations, contact Budget at (800) 455-2848 and use the Voices discount number X840900, or visit Budget online (for online car discounts only).

For truck reservations, call (888) NEED TRK (633-3875) and use the Voices discount number 56000033092. (Online trucks discounts are not yet available).